Professional Waterless
Cleaning and Valeting Services

Why we choose the natural way of doing things?

Conserving our world for future generations is vital to our vision
If you receive a better, faster, more economical and ecological service...
Why not embrace it?

Why are we here?

We are here to provide the people of Botswana with the perfect waterless, environmentally-friendly range of cleaning and valeting services for .... 
Cars, Trucks, Buses, Aircraft, Motorcycles, Scooters, Boats, Trains and more! 


Our job is to find the right franchisee for each and every area of Botswana. The area Franchisee must be able to penetrate the local markets with thier established network - E.g. petrol station chains, aviation industry, office block chains, malls etc.

The Concept

Within over a decade of experience Perfectcar has created a flexible, stable and recession proof business model. Easily adaptable to the needs of the Botswanian people to create an eco friendly environment and preserve Botswanas nature whilst operating a profitable business.

Why Choose Us?

On the Business Side

• Better results than traditional water-wash systems
• Low-cost local product manufacturing 
• Low running and setup costs
• Can access areas where conventional car washes are forbidden
• High Return on Investment
• Income from Franchise Sales
• Long-term passive income from Product Sales

On the Technical Side

• No water supply required
• No costly drainage systems or maintenance
• Can be totally mobile
• No dirt or residue left in the cleaning area 
• No need for costly recycling systems to be installed
• No need for dedicated set up space (although recommended)
• Maintenance of standards through constant monitoring

What do we clean?


The ultimate time and cost efficient waterless solution to clean your car and keep a deep pristine shine for much longer whilst adding uv-protection to the paint of your car 


Waterless Truck cleaning. Your fleet can be cleaned at your own premises on the spot. No need to drive around to wash-bays which reduces downtime and saves cost. The trucks will be shiny and cleaner for longer


Waterless and organic plane cleaning. From a private jet to the largest commercial airliner we can clean inside-out whilst mechanics service the plane – No water no downtime!


Clean your Boat inside out and organically reduce “bad” bacteria by over 99%. Our products extend the cleaning interval significantly by leaving a “good” bacterial layer that eats up accumulating “bad” bacteria


A fast way to clean your motorbike/scooter everywhere it stands. Our waterless solution can be applied on a large scale in countries with a extensive two wheel presence


Specialist waterless Train cleaning products. Cleans and adds shine to the exterior whilst leaving compartments germ-free for much longer. This reduces the cleaning interval and relieve pressure on logistics departments

How do we clean?

The Process

Our application process is streamlined and thought through to minimise time, cost, labour, product use and maximise the wow effect for every client. 
The wonders of organic nano technology in our product range clean faster and more in detail whilst saving your customer time and money

The Products

Our waterless and organic product range produces unbelievable results. Be it a simple outside only car wash or a full valet for a plane. Once you change operations to Perfectcar - There is no way back!

Peoples company

At Perfectcar we believe in providing all our clients with a world-class service. Our training program is designed to ensure all Perfectcar teams deliver a personal customer experience that exceeds expectations.

Our experts

Gathered his experience in the corporate business for over 30 years in leading positions. Partner, friend and co-founder of Perfectcar and Perfect Ecology in Botswana.

Reginald Phoi
the Chairman


Bio to be updated soon.

The Connector

Supervising operations in Botswana and working closely with the Chairman to develop Perfectcar and Perfect Ecology. His diverse business and communication skills are vital to our success.

Kabo Phoi

Known as the connector, ex-model and stand-up homo sapiens with high integrity. Partner, friend and co-founder of Perfectcar and Perfect Ecology.
CEO Africa 

cliff bauermeister
the surfer

Environmental enthusiast with really poor bowling skills. He follows unconventional routes for unconventional results in business and far beyond.

Niels Cira

A tenacious and passionate fellow with an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Co-founder of Perfect Ecology & Director at Perfectcar.

nigel wilkinson

Group Portfolio


An established business Concept combined with an eco-friendly/organic product range


organic products for commercial cleaning - road/building construction - Farm/fish farming etc


pure and healthy drinking water from air for hospitals - government - companies etc

About us

We are a group of environmentally inclined businessmen willing to do our bit to make Botswana a better place. Perfectcar waterless technology was originally developed in Germany. Many years ago we introduced it to South Africa with amazing results! Since then we have gone global and now are establishing ourselves across Asia, the Middle East and beyond…as the No. 1 Eco-friendly, Waterless, Vehicle Cleaning and Valeting Service!

Our mission

We aim for global presence, therefore we search for the right partners with established networks in Botswana to branch out in Botswana as the future green-tech revolution…especially as water conservation is on every governments agenda.
The time is now!

Our 3 Pillars

Turn-key Concept – An off-the-shelf Business Model that can be simply customised to suit the Master Franchise country or region.

Our Product Range – Is continuously upgraded and developed to clean faster, better and be more environmentally friendly.

Ongoing Support – Our support is fast, flexible and on-demand. We assist every step of the way… and with every aspect of the business.


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